Works In Progress

My short story, “Don’t Look Back” is currently being edited. I’m trying my best to just sit on my manuscript until the edited one comes back.

Mirror Journey and Dragon Falls are being pushed back. So the new status for those novels is TBA.

I just signed up for a special NaNo event through Savvy Authors. So I am currently preparing for the NaNo event.

Are you preparing for NaNo? Feel free to comment about how you’re getting ready for this month long writing frenzy.

It’s Fall Break here. Have lots of TO DO items that need to be fixed. One is working on this blog.



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3 responses to “Works In Progress

  1. Jae

    Welcome to the blogosphere then. Are you having your things professionally edited, critiqued by friends, both? So does that mean you have 3 novels you’re currently working on?

    Again, welcome!

    • Hey Jae! Thanks for the welcome.You have a great blog by the way.

      Yes I have three novels that are in various stages of the first rough draft.(New characters keep popping up, who want to tell their story.) It’s definitely daunting to have three WIPs still in the infant stage. I’ve decided to bribe a few characters to sit quietly so I can focus on one.

      When the novels are finished I hope to find some beta readers and then have the manuscripts professionally edited.

      Thanks again!

      • Jae

        Nice! Sounds good. For me, I wrote up a basic outline for those other characters demanding their stories get told and filed it away, promising their day would come while I focus on my one novel Shade. Sounds like multiple stories demanding our attention is the problem of every author—a good problem—but very demanding of such limited time.

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