Get Ready for NaNo #2


Okay, not exactly The End. I decided on an ending for my  NaNo novel and finished the synopsis. Then posted a casting notice for my character outlines.

Character outlines or profiles are another handy tool for writing a novel. A profile is your little cheat sheet to remind you if your character is scared of ants, missing a toe, or allergic to chocolate. And is an excellent way to find out what makes your character tick. Why does he want to take over the world? Or, why does she wear black?

As a writer, this is an opportunity to make your new friend three-dimensional, instead of a one-dimensional bore. Give your character a quirky personality, with pink hair and purple skin who loves Elvis.

Have fun with the creative process.The possibilities are endless.

If you need a template to build your dream hero/heroine, there are several on the internet. Just Google character outline or character profile, then choose the template that suits you best. Do you want to fill out three pages of questions or one page? My personal preference is avoid information overload and start with maybe ten questions.

Oh, a little FYI. Don’t be surprised if a cast member voices a concern about your past writing endeavors. Whatever you do, don’t laugh at him/her.

Believe me, it can happen.

During the interview process a character asked me if the whole cast would be killed in the story. Shocked from the question, I choked on my tea. Where did that question come from?

After some prodding, it turns out that my attempt at writing a Choose Your Own Adventure book in the seventh grade, leaked out.

The story really was terrible. My teacher said, “No one wins in this one.” Poor planning caused a deadly outcome for all the adventure choices.

We both had a good laugh over the doomed story. The character left the interview confident she would live to see the last page….



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