Get Ready for NaNo #3

How are your preparations going? Ready yet?

There are still 11 days before NaNo starts, plenty of time to organize a story idea and set some outlines in motion.

I signed up through a special Savvy Authors NaNo event so my preparation requirements may be different than the offical NaNoWriMo.

One of the requirements of NaNoWriMo, is to begin with a new story. (Sorry…not my rule. In order to join the ranks of NaNoWriMo, you’ve got to follow the rules.) So, that 1st draft you’re in the middle of will need to sit patiently until after November 30. You can check out the other requirements at NaNoWriMo A new story is a great way to get excited and re-energized, if you have fallen into a slump.

My new idea’s working title is Ghost Hunter Love. I’ m typing “working” because this title may change after the novel is written.

The genre is Paranormal Romance. Which I went back and forth on between Urban Fantasy and PR, but ended up choosing a “happily ever after” scenario.

The elevator pitch is: After meddlesome ghosts ruin her date with a rising music star, a ghost hunter in Nashville turns to the internet to find Mr. Right.

Okay, there are 11 days left. So far I have a synopsis, character outlines, hero/heroine GMC (goals, motivations, and conflicts), and a macro plot. What’s next?

1) Join a writing sprint, with Savvy Authors, to determine how many words I can type in an hour.

2) Visualize my first scene.

3) Outline family obligations and writing schedule.

4) Freeze some dinners, so we won’t resort to McDonald’s

What’s your NaNo list?


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