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NaNo….almost over.

The month of November has certainly flown by. For those participating in National November Writing Month, the clock is ticking.

There are only 5 days left to finish 50,000 words for the end of November.

The first day of the Entangled Smack Down writing event, I managed 1680 words, then went down to 460 the next day. I found I was struggling to stay focused then ended up sick. There was no typing while my body decided rest was in order. After recovering, my word count has averaged about 1189 with the more words typed a few days and less on others.

I am very behind on my word count. And probably need to type approximately 4000 words to finish with 50,000 words by the end of November.

A couple my team mates from NaNovella Ninjas are struggling also. We are determined to stick it out until the end. Just the fact that we are making progress on a 50,000 word novel deserves applause.

As with any new experience or challenge, knowledge can be acquired and saved for other purposes. Here are a few things I have discovered from the NaNo challenge, so far:

Stay positive! It’s easy to step down and say I can’t do this and give up. But where would you be if you gave up too easily? At zero word count? Push down your inner negativity and focus on the positive.

Don’t give yourself a reason to quit. You might look back and regret for not trying to reach a goal.Surround yourself with positive music, quotes, friends, and celebrate what you have accomplished. You are closer to 50,000 words than before November.

Type in small spurts. I have found sitting at a computer for three hours straight isn’t very productive. Taking thirty minutes or an hour at different times of the day produces a higher word count. I’m more refreshed and type faster with smaller increments of time.

Continue to read. Yes that’s right, READ! The days I avoided my Nook were the days my thoughts did not flow fluidly. It felt like the gears needed to be oiled.

Reading while writing helps keep the gears moving smoothly. The sentences are less choppy and the ideas flow smoothly from the brain to the blank page. Reading really does make a huge difference in writing production.

Are you still hanging on until the end of National November Writing Month? What are some tips or tricks you have learned this month?


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