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Happy Holidays


Best wishes for a safe and happy holiday. Enjoy the rest of this year with family and friends. See you again in 2013!


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Things I Love

Back in October, Jae from Lit and Scribbles pondered about a quote of Ray Bradbury’s, “If you stuff yourself full of poems, essays, plays, stories, novels, films, comic strips, magazines, music, you automatically explode every morning like Old Faithful. I have never had a dry spell in my life, mainly because I feed myself well, to the point of bursting. I wake early and hear my morning voices leaping around in my head like jumping beans. I get out of bed to trap them before they escape.” and decided to start a “things i love” post. In order to share what she loves and fill herself with new experiences. She then challenged other bloggers to do the same.

Here is a “things i love” post.

In the mid-eighties I participated in something called “Super Saturdays”. It was a learning enrichment program that provided fun classes about science, food, music, and art. There were classes about folk music, baklava, creative writing, origami, etc. I usually chose the artistic classes and stayed away from science.

One of the Saturday classes I remember fondly taught the craft of making Ukrainian Easter eggs or pysanky. Just thinking about the craft evokes the scent of beeswax. (The beeswax is used for writing the designs on the egg, before the dye process.)

The intricate motifs are abstract representations of animals, objects, etc. For example roses represent love and curls, defense or protection. The rich colors used for the eggs are symbolic also.Black means eternity, red is happiness in life, and blue is the sky.

The beautiful eggs definitely draw a person’s attention.I love the rich colors used for the Ukrainian Easter eggs. They’re so different from the pale versions we make for Easter.And my creative energy wakes up, just by staring at the gorgeous eggs.

I also love how pysanky eggs, if traditionally designed, tell a story.

When I think back about the craft of Ukrainian Easter eggs or pysanky, it’s very similar to writing. Like writing, the process of crafting the egg requires forethought. Writers outline the steps of a story, with the words forming a pattern.The crafter must think about the egg design in layers, white must be covered by beeswax before dipping the egg in the yellow dye, etc. Both crafts require a certain amount of patience also. But either way the final results can be quite amazing!

Want to share something you love? Check out the details at Lit and Scribbles with Jae.



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Book Review : Writing Fight Scenes

I really enjoyed reading Rayne Hall’s Writing Fight Scenes. Her writing style is easy to read and the e-book formatting is well done.


This book will not replace your research.But the overview of weapons, types of fight scenes, and different type of fighters is an excellent source to begin with.Fight scene links are provided to help illustrate actions and types of fighting. I especially liked six-part structure blueprint for a scene, possible mistakes to avoid, and the euphonics section.

I pulled out my Paranormal YA WIP after reading this book.Using the information from Chapter 3: Structuring Your Fight Scene, I re-looked at my fight scene.

The scene I wrote failed in fighting stance information. The action between the villain and heroine lacked realism. With a villain about three times larger than the heroine the struggle between the characters was too simple.

I’m currently rewriting the scene with the help of the six-part blueprint, female fighters, and strength/skill chapters. The fight scene is already a huge step up from where it was before reading Rayne Hall’s book.

Disclaimer : Received a free copy of book for an honest review.

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The End of NaNo 2012

Smack Down badge

November 30th was the last day of the Entangled NaNo and many other NaNoWriMo events. Some writers reached the 50,000 word goal and others did not. My final word count stopped at 21,400. (I just did not have it in me to type 4,000 words a day after getting behind.) Not even to the halfway mark, but I’m still happy with the results.

Since Ghost Hunter Love is more of a novella (35,000), I have only 13,600 words left to type. Which I will start on again tomorrow.

I’m still very glad I participated in the Entangled Boot Camp Smackdown. It gave me a great start to a three book novella idea. I met other writers. I discovered a little about myself as a writer, like a scene does not need to take a week to finish. I also have a better idea of what elements need to be added to a romance story. And that I need to use a memory stick regularly when working on my creative projects.

Yeah, I received a scary reminder about that at the end of NaNo.

Since writing requires a lot of ingenuity and time, it can be disheartening to wake up one morning to a blue screen of nothingness. Thankfully my hard work was not lost completely this time.

It’s nice to have a computer guru husband, who knows how to take apart a hard-drive. Gives him another reason to use that four year degree in Computer Science he earned.

Would I do a NaNo event again? Definitely, even though I could have done without my computer crashing at the end. It’s a great way to get a jump start on a writing idea.

Now what? With NaNo done and over with, I’ve decided to give myself a free day for writing today.

I’m taking a break from my current WIP project and typing a Christmas story. After driving home from a Christmas party last night, a short story idea popped in my head. So I thought it best to get the idea on paper while it’s fresh in my thoughts. Not sure what I’ll do with the Christmas story when it’s finished. I’ve decided to wait and figure that out when it’s done.

What writing projects are you working on today? Starting anything new?

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Insecure Writer’s Support Group

Welcome to Insecure Writer’s Support Group hosted by the Ninja Captain Alex J. Cavanaugh! Writers “meet” the first Wednesday of every month and discuss their writing insecurities.

Hello! I signed up for Insecure Writer’s Support Group today. It’s really a great group. It’s nice to realize there are writers out in the blogosphere who struggle with writing also. And to be part of a network that encourages and supports each other.

After a month of NaNo, I’ve been feeling a little discouraged and lost, trying to figure out what to do now. Of course, having my computer crash at the end really did not help matters.

One morning, I turned my computer on and a blue screen stared at me. You know the screen without icons and no easy way to reboot? It’s a sight that makes your stomach drop. I thought all my work went bye-bye.

My computer guru husband told me not to cry or panic. I managed to comply even though deep down a crying jag would have been nice. So several days went by with me trying not to worry about my manuscript and other writings.

After work today I came home to a surprise. With bright eyes and wide smile,my husband announced he deserved a kiss.And yes he did!
He managed to tap into the hard drive and retrieve my NaNo WIP. My hero!

Now that I can access my Ghost Hunter Love WIP, maybe I can decide on what to do next and tell DISCOURAGEMENT to go take a hike.

Want to join IWSG? Hit the link below.


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