The End of NaNo 2012

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November 30th was the last day of the Entangled NaNo and many other NaNoWriMo events. Some writers reached the 50,000 word goal and others did not. My final word count stopped at 21,400. (I just did not have it in me to type 4,000 words a day after getting behind.) Not even to the halfway mark, but I’m still happy with the results.

Since Ghost Hunter Love is more of a novella (35,000), I have only 13,600 words left to type. Which I will start on again tomorrow.

I’m still very glad I participated in the Entangled Boot Camp Smackdown. It gave me a great start to a three book novella idea. I met other writers. I discovered a little about myself as a writer, like a scene does not need to take a week to finish. I also have a better idea of what elements need to be added to a romance story. And that I need to use a memory stick regularly when working on my creative projects.

Yeah, I received a scary reminder about that at the end of NaNo.

Since writing requires a lot of ingenuity and time, it can be disheartening to wake up one morning to a blue screen of nothingness. Thankfully my hard work was not lost completely this time.

It’s nice to have a computer guru husband, who knows how to take apart a hard-drive. Gives him another reason to use that four year degree in Computer Science he earned.

Would I do a NaNo event again? Definitely, even though I could have done without my computer crashing at the end. It’s a great way to get a jump start on a writing idea.

Now what? With NaNo done and over with, I’ve decided to give myself a free day for writing today.

I’m taking a break from my current WIP project and typing a Christmas story. After driving home from a Christmas party last night, a short story idea popped in my head. So I thought it best to get the idea on paper while it’s fresh in my thoughts. Not sure what I’ll do with the Christmas story when it’s finished. I’ve decided to wait and figure that out when it’s done.

What writing projects are you working on today? Starting anything new?


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