Book Review : Writing Fight Scenes

I really enjoyed reading Rayne Hall’s Writing Fight Scenes. Her writing style is easy to read and the e-book formatting is well done.


This book will not replace your research.But the overview of weapons, types of fight scenes, and different type of fighters is an excellent source to begin with.Fight scene links are provided to help illustrate actions and types of fighting. I especially liked six-part structure blueprint for a scene, possible mistakes to avoid, and the euphonics section.

I pulled out my Paranormal YA WIP after reading this book.Using the information from Chapter 3: Structuring Your Fight Scene, I re-looked at my fight scene.

The scene I wrote failed in fighting stance information. The action between the villain and heroine lacked realism. With a villain about three times larger than the heroine the struggle between the characters was too simple.

I’m currently rewriting the scene with the help of the six-part blueprint, female fighters, and strength/skill chapters. The fight scene is already a huge step up from where it was before reading Rayne Hall’s book.

Disclaimer : Received a free copy of book for an honest review.


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