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Goals for 2013 #1

Hello everyone! I won’t go into details, but January has been a little crazy here. But before the first month of the year disappears for good. Just wanted to take a moment to post my goals for 2013.

I plan to re-evaluate these goals once a month, maybe more if I decide to join #ROW80.

Writing Goals

Mirror Journey (YA Paranormal) WIP: Currently re-plotting with help. Want to have new 1st draft finished by April or May.

Ghost Hunter Love (Entangled Smack Down) WIP: Locking it up. Do not plan to look at  any time soon.

Don’t Look Back (SF) Short Story: On hold for suspense anthology.

Circus Bound (Horror) Short Story WIP: Finish by February 15

Winter (SF/Paranormal) Short Story WIP: Finish by April.

Once a month check for possible call-outs and contests.

Publishing Goals

Submit to small press publishing or self-publish Mirror Journey by the end of 2013.

Send horror short story to an anthology call by March 1st.

Social Media Goals

Focus on blog, Twitter and Goodreads.

Health Goals

Exercise at least one day a week.

Did you set any goals?  What are your goals for 2013? Re-writing anything?typewriter


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It’s the middle of January and I’m trying to finish up on some items. Here’s a re-post from the blog A few words by Gwen Perkins ,that caught my attention in December. Hope you find it helpful!

A few words

As anyone who is or knows an author knows, many of us frequently go around wishing and hoping that our book will receive reviews on that book giant, Amazon. (I also wish and hope for Powell’s and Barnes and Noble’s but as more and more authors publish exclusively through the Big A, that’s what this blog post is about.) I thought that I’d explain my own reasons for wanting reviews and how they work. I’m choosing to address this via questions that I’ve received from friends and family.

1) I’m no good at writing an Amazon review. What do I say?

The beautiful thing about Amazon reviews is that you don’t have to be Roger Ebert. You can click a star rating and then write a couple of sentences about the book. Reviews can be as simple as “This book was really good. I wish there was more romance” or…

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