Goals for 2013 #2

Hello everyone! I’m still trying how to figure out realistic goals that work with job, family, and writing. I didn’t reach the goals  set in January  Family comes first.

Writing Goals

Mirror Journey (YA Paranormal) WIP: Plot redone. Will be part of a trilogy. Now aiming for August for 1st draft to be finished now instead of May.

Ghost Hunter Love (Entangled Smack Down) WIP: Locking it up. Do not plan to look at  any time soon.

Don’t Look Back (SF) Short Story: On hold for suspense anthology.

Circus Bound (Horror) Short Story WIP: Wrote 2500 before the end of Feb. Did not send to a horror anthology call-out. Decided it probably needs another 2500 and my husband wants me to try and self-publish instead.

Winter (SF/Paranormal) Short Story WIP: Finish by October 2013.

Once a month check for possible call-outs and contests.

Publishing Goals

Submit to small press publishing or self-publish Mirror Journey by the end of 2013.

Self-publish Circus Bound before the end of 2013.

Social Media Goals

Focus on blog, Twitter and Goodreads.
{Twitter and Goodreads are good.}

Health Goals

Exercise at least one day a week. Did this off and on, but need to exercise more. Since I’ve started writing, exercise has been put on the back burner.

Joined Lynn Rush’s Coach to Marathon group. Check out the details here

Did you reach a goal? Did you re-adjust your goals for 2013?



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3 responses to “Goals for 2013 #2

  1. tucsonmike

    I like your goals, I know how you feel.

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