A Story a Day in May


StoryADay is a writing challenge that was created by Julie Duffy in 2010. The event had about 100 participants the first year and the numbers continue to increase.

Writers are challenged to write and finish a story every day (depending on what the individual’s goal is)in May.One nice detail about the event is that you can decide what “every day” means. If you can only write 20 days, then challenge yourself to do that.

The stories can be any length from a 50 word micro-story to a 5,000 short story. It’s a fun event to help get the creative juices flowing, produce 31 first drafts, and get the writer writing.

If you haven’t heard of the event, be sure to check out StoryADay.

Tomorrow is the first day and I’ve decided to challenge myself to all 31 days. Can’t wait!

What are you doing in May?



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5 responses to “A Story a Day in May

  1. I’m going to have a go too. Only found out about it last night so I’m starting today.

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