A Story a Day Update



This is day 18 of the StoryADay in May challenge and I’m already behind with my goal of 31 stories. There were a few days I had difficulty formulating ideas to write due to brain fog. Not sure if the fog was related with work stress, a strange cold, or allergies. But after getting some rest, the ideas started to reveal themselves and now I have several story starters to expand on.

Most of the works are in extreme rough draft form, but there are a couple I plan  to rewrite and get critiqued through Scribophile . (Information about this critique site will be posted later.) Then maybe I’ll try to submit the stories somewhere or self-publish them.

Due to lack of time, I’m attempting to write drabbles, which are very short works of fiction. There’s a bit of a learning curve with drabbles, but the new skill is an interesting challenge to try .



Need a reason to get excited about writing again? You should check out StoryADay and join the fun.






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2 responses to “A Story a Day Update

  1. I’m afraid I’ve given up on trying to write a story a day. I write at least one poem a day and really must finish proof reading the second volume of my fantasy series. As an exercise it’s a good one, but I couldn’t stick to it every day. Best of luck with yours 🙂

  2. Thanks Jane. I think writing a poem a day is equal to a story a day. Wish you the best!

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