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Have a Happy New Year


Best wishes for a safe and Happy Holiday. Enjoy the rest of this year with family and friends. See you again in 2015!


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December 29, 2014 · 8:58 AM

6 Reasons to Write a Short Story

Need a break from your long writing project? This is a great article with reasons why writing short can be beneficial.

Writers In The Storm Blog

Happy Friday to all our friends here at WITS! We’re doing some extra special posts this week as an advance thank you for helping us migrate to our new site next week. All will be unveiled on Monday!

Today our pal, Julie Glover, is here. *Jenny jumps up and down* Here’s an example of why she’s one of our favorite peeps. When we told her y’all love nice meaty posts, Julie responded with:

“I hope I delivered. I’m even hoping it’s bacon. All posts should be like bacon.”


*  *  *  *  *  *

My Sister's Demon, paranormal fiction by Julie Glover, @julie_glover

As a novel reader, I always believed I was meant to write full-length books. Yet I find myself entering the self-published market with a collection of short stories instead.

I wrote the first one on a lark—merely a story premise I wanted to get out of my system. But I liked the result…

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Protected: Day 6: Dealing with Perfection

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Protected: Day 2: Tenderil Beauty

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Protected: Day 1: Battleship

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Goals for 2013 #2

Hello everyone! I’m still trying how to figure out realistic goals that work with job, family, and writing. I didn’t reach the goals  set in January  Family comes first.

Writing Goals

Mirror Journey (YA Paranormal) WIP: Plot redone. Will be part of a trilogy. Now aiming for August for 1st draft to be finished now instead of May.

Ghost Hunter Love (Entangled Smack Down) WIP: Locking it up. Do not plan to look at  any time soon.

Don’t Look Back (SF) Short Story: On hold for suspense anthology.

Circus Bound (Horror) Short Story WIP: Wrote 2500 before the end of Feb. Did not send to a horror anthology call-out. Decided it probably needs another 2500 and my husband wants me to try and self-publish instead.

Winter (SF/Paranormal) Short Story WIP: Finish by October 2013.

Once a month check for possible call-outs and contests.

Publishing Goals

Submit to small press publishing or self-publish Mirror Journey by the end of 2013.

Self-publish Circus Bound before the end of 2013.

Social Media Goals

Focus on blog, Twitter and Goodreads.
{Twitter and Goodreads are good.}

Health Goals

Exercise at least one day a week. Did this off and on, but need to exercise more. Since I’ve started writing, exercise has been put on the back burner.

Joined Lynn Rush’s Coach to Marathon group. Check out the details here

Did you reach a goal? Did you re-adjust your goals for 2013?


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Writing Short Stories

Author: Samantha Asher
There are many good reasons to create short stories. They might be your preferred creative writing outlet. If you like the thought of a novel but the speed and quickness of a short story, you might enjoy writing short stories. They are great to practice, as well, even if you do want to write and publish a novel eventually. While there are many great reasons to write short stories, sometimes you can get stuck when you do sit down to write it. Here are some ideas to starting your short story, accomplishing your short story, and making it worth reading.

Before you begin writing anything, you have to have an idea. You can look for ideas for writing almost anywhere. Search around you for character ideas or you can even use ideas from your own experiences. When you have an idea, you can start writing your short story. Often the idea is the hard part. If you always have something to say, you are lucky.

Once you have your idea, you should plan out your story. It’s only a short story, so you don’t need a big outline. You could write down a few points about what is generally going to happen. You should also plan out your characters, too. If you don’t know your characters well beforehand, you will have trouble writing and may make some mistakes when trying to keep everything straight. Decide what your plot, conflict, and resolution are going to be.

When you start writing your short story, don’t stop to fix things. When it starts to flow, you won’t want to stop to fix mistakes. You might lose your train of thought. Luckily with short stories, they are pretty fast to write so the time it takes to start editing isn’t long. As you are writing, if you find that something in your story doesn’t work, go ahead and change it. This is something you will want to correct as you write to keep from rewriting too much.

When you finish writing, edit your work. You may want to take some time away from your story to refresh yourself before editing. Be critical with your work as if you are a professional editor looking to publish a good piece. If you aren’t sure about any words or ideas in your story, change it until it works for you. It is your story and there is no reason why you should have to write just an okay story. You should always love what you write. If you hate it, your reader will, too.

When you are done editing, look over your work one more time. Make sure you have a beginning, middle, and an ending. Make sure that there are no inconsistencies and that you have dialogue, descriptive writing, and any other parts of a story that fit well with your individual work. Have other people read your work and give you their opinion. Once it is polished to your liking, submit it to magazines, add it to your collection of short stories to publish, or do whatever you like with it.

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