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The Edit

Okay, editing is a whole new process for me.And it turns out it’s not as evil as I orginally thought.

My science fiction suspense short story “Don’t Look Back” was placed back in my hands a few days ago. It’s a time travel piece with a paradox.

The notes stated excellent prose, innovative idea, and haunting.

Sounds great, right? Right!

There’s nothing better than positive feedback.

I also was told my plot wavered too much, background information was left out, and a date in the story did not make sense.

Not so great, but honest.

That’s why as writers we send our manuscripts off to be edited, isn’t it? To learn about the problem spots in our work? Honesty?

As writers, we get too close to our writing and can’t see what is wrong with our masterpiece. The editing process opens our eyes to what needs to be fixed, so our readers will enjoy the story.

I’ve already managed to fix some plot errors and added some background information.

The beginning still needs work. Since my story was a “by the seat of my pants” idea, I purchased Story Structure Architect by Lynn Schmidt, Ph.D. a couple days ago to help with the re-write.

The book will have a permanent place next to my desk forever.

You can pick from 5 dramatic throughlines, 6 conflicts, and 21 genres, 11 master structures in order to draft your story. Reading over the expectations of the science fiction genre and picking a structure reeled in my “panster” story.I was able to focus my character Ana’s journey and adjust her conflict.

Now to finish “Don’t Look Back” and send it for editing again.


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