Saving Money


Most everyone is interested in saving a little money. The saved money can be placed in an envelope, jar, or even a bank account with it marked for a “special” occasion. Since most authors aren’t able to quit their day job, unless they managed to get a great contract or their book(s) sold millions, I thought it might be helpful to have a page for ways to save  money.

Okay, there isn’t a magic lamp to rub to call forth a genie and anything that is posted will not be get rich schemes. The saving money ideas that I’ll be sharing will be from sources I’ve found on the internet.

Due to some recent changes with my husband’s job, I’ve been looking for some easy ways to set money aside or add a little cash to help stretch our money out further.

One idea I found is the Penny Challenge , from the Fun and Happy Home blog. The challenge is an easy way to save money over a time period of a year. What you do is save a penny each day while increasing the amount by another penny for 365 days of the year. After the year is over, the savings should total $667.95.

This is great way set money aside without feeling the strain of saving. Sometimes setting $25 dollar aside each week is going to be more difficult than just saving a smaller amount. The Penny Challenge is great “piggy bank” starter if you don’t have a regular habit for saving or if you don’t have much in the way of “extra” money. So far I’ve saved $7.80 on this challenge, but by the end of June 2017 the amount should tally up to $667.95.

What do I plan to use with this savings? Since vacations are quite rare for us,  I’ve decided to use the money for a trip to Gulf Shores, AL next year. My son is ten years old and hasn’t been to the beach yet, so even though the other three members of our family will enjoy the trip, the main intent of the trip will be so the youngest member can finally sink his toes in the sand.

Are you going to try the Penny Challenge? What will you do with the money after a year?

Another idea I’m sharing with you today is something called Ibotta , which is short for “I-bought-a”. Ibotta is a grocery app that is added to your phone and allows you to accumulate change into an account from rebates. It’s really easy to use and there are rebates for eggs, milk, and bread along with brand named items. To use Ibotta: Make out your grocery list, unlock the items you plan to purchase, go shopping, after purchasing the product, the receipt is scanned in along with the upc of the items that were bought.

With using the app for only a couple of weeks, I’ve managed to earn enough for a $20 e-gift card from Wal-mart. It will probably take longer the accumulate another chunk of money, since this first amount included a $10 sign-up bonus. But that’s okay, it will eventually grow to another amount that I can have placed in Paypal or another giftcard.

Interested in trying Ibotta out? If you’d like to join my team, the referral code is rmnsodk.

That’s all for now, I’ll share more money saving tips another day. Until then, happy saving and typing!